Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mini Blog Sale

Hey guys! I am selling a few things I have up for swap on Makeupalley:
 I figured I would post on both my blog and my MUA profile and see if I could some extra cash or something on my wishlist. Anywhoooo here are the details:

  • Paypal payment only. Payment is due within 24 hours of invoicing, if I don't get payment I will leave the item up for sale. 
  • If you like something please email me at with your paypal email address, and the items you want and I will invoice you the total. You can also leave a comment down below. I will then list the item as pending. Please verify that your Paypal address is the correct one because that is the one I will ship to.
  • I have feedback on as mentioned above, also through Ebay and my username is Cruzgardening on there.
  • Shipping is INCLUDED IN PRICE LISTED! This includes a delivery confirmation number.
  • Shipping is to U.S. only. Canada and UK ok but with higher shipping cost.
  • I will clean each item before sending, but I WILL NOT sanitize any used product. You are responsible for that.
  • I treat my makeup well, store it in a clean place. Non-smoking home. I have pets but they do not come near my stash:)
  • Items do not come with box, unless it says so in the description.
  • Offers and haggling is very welcome here:) Discount if you buy more than one thing.

MAC Matte Bronze used 3x $15

MAC Astral Rays Glimmershimmer (LE Moonbathe collection) $20
Swatched 1x

MAC Lip Erase in Pale $15
Used 3x with brush.

MAC Liquidlast liner in Classic Cream $15
Used 1x.

NYX Highlight & Contour Duo $15
Contour bottle has never been opened, the highlight one was swatched once. 
Comes with box.

MAC Sculpt & Shape in Accentuate/Sculpt from D2 collection $20
RIS, Swatched once by me, used a couple times (max.) by her. Looks new, not brand new.

NYX Pigments/Glitters SET of four $5
All vials have AT LEAST 60% product, if not more which is approx. 2.5 ml+
Set include: NYX Ultimate Pearl Pigments in Nude Pearl (80%), Black Pearl (80%), Walnut Pearl (75%) and one vial of the NYX  Glitter mania in Gold (60%)

MAC Shadestick in Cakeshop $15
Used once. Compared next to Sigma brush for sizing purposes.

Sonia Kashuk loose bronzing powder $5
#47 Golden. Swatched only. Still at least 99% product left.

NYX Rouge cream blush in Bronze Goddess $5
Swatched twice. (RIGHT)

Stila lipglaze in Merry Merry BRAND NEW $5

MAC Mineralize eye shadow trio in Interview $10
Used a few times and it shows. (left)

Wet N Wild I'm Feeling Retro trio, Too Faced eye shadow duo in Party Girl, 
E.L.F. blush in Candid Coral & E.L.F. blush in Berry Merry - $10
This is a set, all items have been used a few times!

Costume jewelry lot $5
2 rings (adjustable) and 3 pairs of earrings

Covergirl lipstick in Verve and Rimmel lipstick in Bite $2 each
Used 1x each

Thanks for looking :)


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sonia Kashuk Goldmine Brush Set

EDIT 6/20/2011: I saw these at Target yesterday on clearance for 17.58! Wish I would have waited, oh well :P

I recently picked up this limited edition Sonia Kashuk “Goldmine” 7 piece brush set from Target and I purchased it for 24.99. I LOVE these brushes. I wasn’t planning on buying an entire set when I walked into Target, I was just looking for maybe one or 2 blending/contouring brushes. When I saw this set I knew I had to buy it! It is a really good deal for that many brushes when usually buying one will cost you at least 8.99, but often more. This set comes with 2 face brushes and 5 eye shadow brushes:  1 powder brush, 1 pointed concealer/foundation brush, 1 domed blending brush, 1 all over eye shadow brush, 1 angled eye liner brush, 1 blending/multi-purpose brush, and 1 smudging brush. The box is really nice as well it has a beachy feel to it with the green and gold, I can’t bring myself to throw away the box so I gave it to my daughter LOL.  

This Goldmine set also comes with a wicker brush case; I didn’t take any pix of the inside but imagine a sunglass or eyeglass case interior. It doesn’t come with any slots to place your brushes for carrying or traveling so I won’t be using this. I’m sure my mom will like it for her glasses though! For a lot of these pictures my camera would not focus, sorry.

This powder brush is super fluffy and versatile, I use it mainly for my setting powder. The bristles are really soft like most of the brushes in the set.

The pointed foundation brush is my second favorite out of the set and the one I was the most excited to try out. I have not used this for my foundation but rather for highlighting. This one is SOOOOO soft, insanely so. I don’t know if they sell this one by itself, but I would definitely re-purchase or get a back-up.

Next is the blending brush, my all time favorite of the bunch. This one looks a lot like my Sigma E 40, and it is very similar except this one is shorter and lighter. The tapered blending tip is also smaller, the E 40 is quite large and I know some people might have issues with that. So I like that the Sonia Kashuk one is smaller but not too small… just right.

This next brush is also essential to any kit, it is an all over eye shadow brush which picks up color and applies it very nicely. The bristles are really smooth but not overly so. Have you ever had an eye brush that feels more like a concealer brush? I hate those and use them only for cream shadows, and this is not like that at all.

I always find that angled liner brushes are usually hit or miss, but this one is a hit with me. The brush is not too stiff to where it hurts but it stiff enough to where you can get a good line going with your cream liner. I used this brush with my Stila smudge pots and it worked very well.  It doesn’t bend like other brushes might because they are too soft, making it easier to control.

This next brush is called the multi-purpose brush on the back of the box, but I usually refer to these as blending brushes. I have the same brush but mini which came in one of the Sonia K. breast cancer awareness sets, and I am not a big fan of that one either. In this entire set this is the brush I could live without. I wish they would have put a thick, chunky, all-over eye shadow brush like the Sigma E 55 or the Elf “C” brush.  This one works very well for blending but because of the thickness and stiffness of the bristles I find this one to be too scratchy at times for my eyelids.

Lastly we have the smudger brush, which is as exciting as a smudging brush can get. It is not a rave or miss in my eyes, but rather it is just there. Maybe I am biased because I don’t smudge too often, (or maybe I don’t have the skill to do so yet, hehe) but this one was just kind of ehhh. It works well enough and it does its job as it should but it’s nothing to call home about in my opinion.

These brushes caught my eye because of the unique design: each one has a light brown wooden handle, gold ferrel and end tip, and some have kind of a duo coloring to the bristles. Very “earthy” type design, making them stand out in my jars of black handled brushes. The wooden handles make for a very light brush, which makes them easier to work with and manipulate. I own other Sonia Kashuk brushes and have never been shedded on or disappointed by them at all. These also have not shed since washing them or prior to, and the bristles have not changed in any way.  I use my Sonia K, along with my Sigma brushes more often than any other brush I own. I only own one MAC kabuki brush, so I cannot do a comparison for the most part but the price and quality of Sonia K brushes are top notch in my opinion.  So overall this case is a good bargain for those in need of some unique, quality brushes and it truly is a “goldmine!”

June Birchbox

My June Birchbox came today and I was pleasantly surprised with all of the goodies they sent me! Last month was not as great in my opinion, but they redeemed themselves this time. J I am going to show everything in order of what was liked the most, ending with what I would not ever think of buying.

This is the list of everything which was included in my travel-themed June Birchbox as well as the prices for regular sizes of the product.

They sent me a standard sized, Laura Geller Baked Blush N’ Brighten powder in the color Honey Dipped. I have seen some other people’s Birchbox Youtube Videos, and have usually seen a pink blush so I am happy I got this one instead. I am really into bronzey, highlighting type powders right now so this is right up my alley. This product is valued at $29.50 normally, so this was a great deal for this month. I love the texture of this product it is so soft and creamy I kept dipping my finger into it, lol. The color is really warm and goes well with my NW25 skintone right now, I am excited to use it in a FOTD and show you guys. I think you could use this as a blush, bronzer or highlighter depending on what you prefer. I would highly recommend this product to anyone, even if this color is not for you there are others to choose from … the texture is beautiful and the pigmentation is the bee’s knees! J

Secondly and another rave is the Pangea Organics toner, on the description card it is said to be for normal/oily skin but on the bottle and facial cream it says for normal/combination skin.. hmm. I have never used this line before, but this spray reminded me a little of the Juice Beauty refreshing spray. I don’t know if they really are that similar, but the name kept popping in my mind when looking at and trying out this spray. They also included a spray nozzle to attach to it after opening the sealed bottle, and a sample of the Pangea Organics Facial Cream to put on after using the toner. I am definitely going to purchase the full size of the toner, it is $26 and it comes in a 4 fl. Oz. bottle. The smell of this is AMAZING, and it may be a little overwhelming for those with sensitive noses but I really liked it. It is “laced with mandarin and lime,” and it is supposed to be for refreshing your face and giving you a boost of energy.  After using it, it gave my skin a slightly matte feeling but it did not dry it out by any means.  This item may seem a bit pricey, but I am a big fan of refreshing products and sprays such as MAC Fix +. I am glad I got to try this product and I believe it does what it says, it refreshes! The scent also is a great, natural pick me-up which is much needed in my life! I won’t review the sample face cream right now, but I will update this post once I do use the combination of both of these products.

This entry I will leave as a neutral, because I haven’t been able to test it out yet. Once I do I will update this section for the Oscar Blandi Olio Di Jasmine Hair Serum. It is a serum which is supposed to “banish frizz and flyaways,” and lord knows I suffer from that! They sell a 50 ml size on the Birchbox web site for $35 or a 15 ML bottle for $16. More later….

Herban Essentials Orange Towlettes are basically really strongly scented wipes. For $15 you can get 20 of these babies. It sounds a little pricey to me for something you are going to use up pretty fast and throw away quickly. Don’t get me wrong they smell good… sort of like peeling open an orange, but then besides the smell what is this product? It is a hand wipe. Good for cleaning… and wiping right? It’s not like they’re marketing this as a makeup remover, it is named a towlette. Like what they give you on an airplane of when you get a bucket of fried chicken, so in my opinion the price tag is a bit ridiculous. On the description card it says it is “germ-killing and mood-perking,” but so are my Lysol orange-scented countertop cleaners… or baby wipes. Definite fail for me, this is an obvious no buy.

Last on my list and in my goodie box is a fragrance sample; Twirl by Kate Spade. YUCK. Sorry, this is also a no brainer for me, would never ever purchase or wear this fragrance. BUT don’t take my word for it, I think fragrance preferences are very personal and subjective. To each his own, but in my humble opinion this scent is way too overbearing for any young woman. My grandma, may she rest in peace smelled a bit like this and I love being reminded of her but this scent is not subtle at all. I put a small drop on my wrist and my senses were instantly bombarded with a sickening, sweet floral smell. It is just way to much to be workable I think, and it needs to be toned down a whole lot. If you want everyone in the room to turn and stare at you when you walk into the room get this! This formula is described as a “flirty scent (which) feels carefree and joyful” but in my opinion it comes off as careless and way too damn heavy. I don’t see myself flirting with anyone wearing this, sorry but ZERO STARS for Twirl. The 1.7 oz size of this product retails for $65 and the 3.4 fl. Oz is $80.

That’s all, hope everyone enjoyed! If you are interested in signing up for Birchbox’s monthly sample service there website is: They also have interesting how to videos, articles and links to these products and more. The more you buy, the more points you collect! 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Makeup Organization

This post is just to show you guys my makeup collection and the way I store it. In no way am I "showing off" or anything but I enjoy showing what I have so that people can ask for reviews on certain items or ask about a certain product. I love collecting makeup (maybe a little too much) but I think it is a somewhat healthy obsession and it makes me happy. :) Hey, i'm not hurting anyone... just my pockets, lol. So here goes!

This is the storage drawer thingy which my hubby bought me, I am not sure from where :P It comes in very handy when I am standing up and doing my makeup with the mirror behind my door. 
Top drawer is foundations, concealers, primers, eyeliners, powders, highlighters and mascara. Tweezers, little scissors and lash curler also. 
Second drawer is eye shadows.
Third is for lip stuff.
Fourth is blushes and bronzers.
Fifth is accessories... rings, necklaces (don't have many) and bangles/bracelets. 
Sixth is nail polish and nail accessories/glitter/acrylics.
Seventh is just random things I don't use anymore, or things I have up for swap/sale.

Here at the top of the drawers I have my brushes, fix + spray and a couple of larger palettes in the back. (Elf & Coastal Scents)

Foundation, powder, concealers, base/primers on the left, and eye liners, mascara on the right.

Foundation bin up close. Favs: Hard Candy concealers, MAC cream color base in Pearl, Revlon face primer and my MAC Studio Fix plus. 

Single eye shadows on the left, Wet n Wild palettes on the right as well as: Naked palette, Lorac, Mark & one MAC e/s palette (Joker!)

Can never have too many of these :P 

Lippie drawer: Lipsticks in the back, front right are mainly lip glosses, and front left are lip balms, chapstick etc. 

Front up close, lip liners also go in here. Favs: Kiehls balm, EOS, Revlon coral glosses & NYX lip spa (orange).

Lipstick: faves right now have to be MAC Everhip, MAC Candy Yum Yum, Lime Crime My Beautiful Rocket, MAC Hibiscus and all of the Wet n Wild ones!

Blushes and a couple bronzers. Missing my new Rock and Republic Immoral blush. OMFG. Insane. I will review and swatch later, it's just too good! In here I have a few NYX, MAC, Wet n Wild, Milani, Mark, Physicians Formula, and Hard Candy. 

MAC blush palette - I don't remember all of the names and I don't have the ones I depotted labeled. LOL, yeah my bad. First one on the top left is Harmony for sure though :P

MAC eye shadow palette. One spot left! Favs: Gesso, Chrome Yellow and Yogurt.

I am decorating all of my black palettes with these cute stickers from now on, helps with remembering which is which. Joker is e/s, Michael is blush and the guy down below (who is he??) is my Coastal Scents 28 Neutral palette. Missing is my 88 Shimmer CC palette but that one is old and dirty now :(

So, that is it guys! Hope you enjoyed the pic fest, lol. Let me know if you have any questions about anything shown here.